Writing Samples

Perpetual Motion PR

As PR Assistant for Perpetual Motion PR, I wrote media alerts and pitches for several theater events.

African Children’s Choir Media Alert


Fred Siegel Man of Mystery

Soldier Bear Media Pitch

Public Relations Capstone Class

In this class we needed to create an entire PR Plan for a selected client. My group’s client was Xfinity Live! I created a charity event for Xfinity Live! to host in partnership with Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

PAWS Event Media Alert

PAWS Event Press Release

PAWS Event Social Media Calendar

Independence Seaport Museum

I was the Marketing and PR intern at Independence Seaport Museum from January 2014 to May 2014. I was able to write their e-newsletters and write press releases and media alerts during my time there.

Fireworks Spectacular Press Release 2014

Pups At Sea Media Alert

Explorer Sunday Media Alert

Class Blogs

These are blogs or websites I have created for class projects.

Writing Workshop Blog

Media in the Middle East

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