It’s Been A Year . . .

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I haven’t written in a long time. I’ve been busy. . . but that’s not really an excuse.

Stress has gotten the better of me this past year, I haven’t made time for writing because I have been passionate about it lately.

Abundance of drama has happen sit I write to you. I got a new job, My dog had cancer and died, I got a new puppy, I had several vacations, my brother got arrest, and I had a stroke. I will unpack all of that in future posts. . .

But this one, I just wanted to say “Hello’ and get you ready to relive that drama with me in future posts!

I am six months recovered from my stroke and I am feeling much better and for most part “normal.” My brother is out of prison but has a long way to go before he is recover from his struggle. I love my new puppy! He is a Husky Pitbull mix. He is name is Davey, after my dad, and he is full of energy. His 1st birthday was July 25th. I love my new job and an excited to become an expert at my tasks there.

Please, excuse any typos – I did just have stroke haha. . .

But I am happy to get back to writing and make it a more regular part of my routine!

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