This is a Pandemic

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Whether or not you want to believe it. Covid-19 is killing people. We are being asked to change our entire lifestyles in order to save the lives of others. It’s not hard to do. However, it can be exhausting.

But this is where we are. And yet, there are still people out there who do not think Covid-19 is real. They think the government is trying to control us. They are so wrapped up in a delusional idea of freedom that they refuse to wear a mask for a 30 minute trip into a grocery store. Honestly, I find it truly pathetic how many people lack any sense of compassion. Wearing a mask does not infringe on your freedom. It does not prevent you from living life. It actually allows you to live more freely because if everyone would simply wear a mask, Covid-19 wouldn’t be spreading as rapidly. This mean restaurants, bars, and gyms would actually stay open.

However, this logic seems to escape so many people. I find many people have been very angry during this pandemic. Instead of simply accepting the current situation and trying to make the best of it, many people are looking for someone to blame. This is no one’s fault. No body caused a global pandemic on purpose. This was not some huge multi-government plot to control people. This is simply something that happens. Unfortunately, something that is currently uncontrollable. Instead of being angry, we should each be doing our part to help stop this virus from spreading. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. And keep your distance from others.

This time is stressful. Focus on finding joy in small events and little victories throughout your day. Enjoy time alone to clear your mind. Allow yourself to discover new hobbies. It can be hard, but we should all be trying our best to find the positive during these stressful times. Spreading anger and hate throughout the world is not going to solve anything and it isn’t going reopen your favorite bar either.

It is time we all get the fuck over ourselves and wear our damn masks.

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