Social Media Quarantined

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Everyone is on social media much more than they used to be. Mainly because we are all stuck at home and social media can be a great tool to stay connected with friends and family. It’s also where many people get their news or share their thoughts on what’s happening in the world.

I’ve noticed social media is becoming even more divided than in the past.

People who don’t want to social distance vs. those who do

People who support Trump vs. those against Trump

People who believe we should get money from the government vs. those who do not

The list is endless. People has always had differing opinions, but recently there is a much nastier undertone to me social media feeds. And I’m honestly so tired of it all. I’ve been seeing so much hate and arguing the past few weeks. We are all tired and all stressed. We need to be encouraging each other to remain calm and find happiness in small moments, but instead we are constantly criticizing. We are judging people for the items they are buying at the stores and for how many walks they take each day. We are bashing one another for accepting money from the government despite not supporting the President. It’s all very exhausting.

I challenge everyone who reads this to only spread positive messaging on social media. Do not engage in arguments or pessimistic attitudes. We all need to support each other during these difficult times. We need to spread love, not hate. There is always something positive to be found in every situation. Find something that makes you happy each day and share that on social media rather than negativity.

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