Quarantine Check-In

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I have been slacking on keeping up with my blog. Especially, given the fact that I am currently furloughed and Pennsylvania has been under a stay at home order for several weeks. However, I have found myself unusually busy despite not having to go to work. My days have been filled with household chores, running errands, bringing my pets to the vet, working out with my CrossFit gym via Zoom and so much more. This has made me feel pretty good though. Staying busy during difficult times keeps my mind from overthinking things. It has also proven to me my life is so much more than just work. This gives me a sense of fulfillment.

However, I do need to make sure I keep my goals as a priority. Not having work to break up my day for me has made sticking to a healthy diet a bit more challenging. I often get caught up in a task and forget to eat, or I feel the urge to snack throughout the day because I am surround by all the food in my house. Luckily, I have started to create a loose schedule for each day. I have been trying to stay focused and plan out my meals in the morning. This way I at least have a rough idea of what I am going to eat in order to get all my necessary nutrients.

I have defiantly been feeling my anxiety more often these past couple weeks and being stuck inside with the family is not easy. My brother does not do well sitting still for very long and not working has made him go a bit crazy, which drives us all crazy. I can tell he is very stressed about finances, which is understandable but his behavior is causing me more stress than necessary. He has been very loud and hyper. Constantly talking about worse case scenarios and complaining about the government. It’s just too much. I try to isolate, but his voice carries throughout the entire house.

I do not believe this quarantine will end anytime soon. It could continue into June, if not even longer. My goal is take time to write more. I also would like to read a few books and get more disciplined with meeting my nutrition goals. I just hope we don’t all go insane before this whole thing is over. I have begun receiving unemployment and am lucky enough to also have some side projects for income. My federal student loans have been put into forbearance due to the virus, but I still have my private ones to pay. I do believe I will be okay financially, which will hopefully allow me to help out my mom more. Her hours have been cut in half. The hospital as in our area are laying off nurses and other workers because we haven’t hit a peak in the pandemic yet, so many of the departments are closed.

This whole thing is scary. I hate not having any idea what the future may hold or how long things will go on like this. But I am trying my best to remain positive. I know if we are able to come together as a nation and support one another, we will all get through this. My heart goes out to those who have already been lost and I can only hope we do not loose too many more. But PLEASE STAY THE FUCK HOME. Do your part to keep this horrible virus from spreading and be kind to all those around you. We are ALL going through a stressful and difficult time, and we all deal with stress differently. So please, be kind.

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