Fitness Journey: The Begining

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It has been ALMOST a year since I started working with a nutrition coach and yes, this is still only the beginning of my journey. During April 2019 I decided to make the change to better myself and focus on my health. I made an invest in myself and my future.

My Coach: Halie Mangiaruga

Quads like Halie Nutrition

Amazing Boss Lady sums her up pretty well. She is not only my nutrition coach, but a support system and a friend. And yeah, I pay her. But I know she helps me and so many others because she truly loves it and she wants the best for all of her clients. She allows her clients full access; meaning I can text her anytime with any number of questions, concerns, complaints, or struggles and she will be there with answers, support, motivation, and reassurance.

Her approach to health is an entire lifestyle change. She focuses on food, exercise, sleep, hydration, hormones, and so much more. I highly recommend anyone looking to live a healthier life to give her a call. It is not always about losing weight or fitting into a size 2 pair of jeans. She will make you feel strong and powerful. She reminds me I am capable of taking on any challenge life throws at me. Investing in her has been an investment in myself. I am very happy I made the commitment to live healthier and happier.

Everything is customized. Every client she works with has a different plan and strategy to reach their goals. She adjusts everything to keep you motivated and successful as you go through life. If you lose focus or don’t meet your goals one week, it’s okay. You have not failed. You simply need to continue trying. The customization is what makes her so successful in changing the lives of her clients and helping so many people gain control of their health.

The Struggles: Consistency has been the main struggle for me. My life is very chaotic at times and I am defiantly in the habit of reaching for the easiest solution first. But that is not always the best solution. Over the past year, I have began working out 3-4 times a week. I joined CrossFit Q and fell in love with pushing myself physically. But consistency is key, with food and workouts.

Protein intake is another struggle. As a vegetarian, consistently getting enough protein on a daily basis rarely happened before I started this journey. I was not working out as hard before either, so my protein need has also increased in order to support my muscle growth.

Mood and feeling worthy. Not putting all my focus on my pant size. Focusing on myself and not comparing my success or happiness to that of others. Halie is awesome because she addresses this side of living a healthier life as well. Exercise and nutrition defiantly help mood and make you look better, but if you don’t truly love yourself it won’t matter. You will never be satisfied. She reminds her clients to love themselves and appreciate their bodies for where they are and what they can do in this current moment.

What I’ve learned: I have learned to love myself. As lame or corny as that sounds. It is so true and so important. I love my body everyday for all the things in life it allows me to experience. I have learned your pant size does not matter. Honestly, I was super sad when I saw my pant size increasing, but muscles need room to grow. I am happier at a size 10 than a size 6 now, because my pants fit comfortably and I look good in them. Wearing clothes that fit is always better than squeezing into clothes that make you feel uncomfortable and unable to move.

Embracing a size 10

I have become an athlete again. Growing up I always played soccer, until my worsening heart condition put a stop to that. Now my heart has been repaired and I am able to push myself physically again. It feels so fucking good. Not only do I feel like an athlete again, but I also have an awesome community of support around me. My CrossFit gym is filled of amazing people who want me to succeed and do my best. My yoga studio is also a group of caring people who want me to feel strong in body and mind. Community is key to success. Feeling supported by like-minded people helps you reach your goals and lifts you up when you are having a bad day.

What I am working on: Everyday is a new challenge. I am still working on consistency with food. Meal prepping may never be my strength, but I am defiantly learning to make a habit of planning ahead. I am also trying to encourage others to choose to be healthier in their lives. Whether it be encouraging my friends to go to a restaurant with better quality food or getting my mom to join CrossFit. I am not only living this new lifestyle but becoming an advocate for it. I am trying to change my entire mindset about food and life. It is slowly but surely making me a happier, stronger, and more mindful person all around.

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