Time Does not Heal Everything

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I absolutely hate when people say time will make this better. No. No it will not. The pain I feel today is just as fresh as the pain I felt at 4 a.m. January 21, 2017 as watched my dad’s soul leave his body. Some days, the pain feels worse.

Time will never heal this. Time will never make me feel okay about no longer having my dad by my side. The pain never goes away, I’ve just learned to live with it in my heart. Anyone who has ever lost someone so close to them knows the pain is always there. But you cannot stop living. The one you lost would want you to enjoy life and life will continue regardless of whether or not you participate.

The key is finding ways to cope with the pain. Finding a support system of people who will understand the pain is always there. This will help when you are driving in a car full of people and a certain song comes on which triggers your tears. They won’t need to ask why, they will simply let you grieve for the moment.

Your tears may dry up for awhile and you may go days or weeks without thoughts of the tragedy, but the pain is always in your heart. The memories of this person are always rolling through your mind. The best thing to do is to continue to talk about the person as if they were alive. “Remember the time when . . .” Keep their spirit alive in your every day life. Never forget the lessons this person taught you and continue to enjoy your life as much as humanly possible.

I have grown so much since losing my dad. I have learn so much about myself and others. I have found a new appreciate for life and those who I love because I never know when I may lose another beautiful soul. But, please don’t tell me things will get better. They won’t. The pain is here because he was love and had a life worth living. That is a beautiful things despite the pain.

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  1. I agree with you. I lost my grandfather almost two years ago and the pain that I feel is still there. But I have grown to understand the pain and I think of all the loving memories. Maybe in time it will get better.

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