Creating Community

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The new year often triggers people to think of what they want to change about themselves or their lives. Many people set goals to accomplish in the new year, but many of those goals go unreached.

This year, my goal is to create my own online community. I went to school for media production and public relations because I have a passion for story telling. I have a passion for connecting people and cultivating relationships. I want to help people by giving them a voice and my sharing my own story. I want to ensure everyone, they are not alone even when they feel the world is caving in on them.

Everyone deserves to have a supportive community they can reach out to for advice and in times of need. When they need someone to simply listen to them get their emotions out. When they need someone to be by their side.

I want to create this community through this blog and my social media. So, if interested please go follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can find me by searching my name. I want to share more of my life and my thoughts. I want to share my world view and hear the world views of others. The goal is to create a safe place for everyone to express their worries and troubles, but also to celebrate their victories and accomplishments.

My goal for 2020 is to grow this community by being more vulnerable with my own life. I know my family and others close to me, may judge me at first for trying to reach out to others through the internet. After all, that is what family does. But I need to push myself past the fear of those judgments, and your support will help. I am hoping to help others, but I am also selfishly hoping to help myself.

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