Unexpected Opportunity

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I am a very real and honest person. I don’t like to overly sugar coat things for the benefit of saving face and let’s be real: life sucks sometimes. However, life can also be absolutely amazing and surprise you with a journey you never meant to take.

Success is not a straight line or a clean path. Life is messy and never goes as planned, no matter how prepared you think you are.

I’ve learn that if you work hard and keep your head up, things will work out. I am not sure how, but things tend to come together.

Recently, one of my professors from Temple University, Lisa Bien,  reached out to me. She has landed a morning segment on PHL17 and needs help with her social media accounts. I had previously helped her while I was still in school by managing her Twitter account. She trusts me with her brand, which is an amazing feeling and I love being allowed to be creative with her posts.

This opportunity to get back into the field of communication truly came out of nowhere and I am very thankful it did. I enjoy my current full-time job, but it is not specially what I went to school for and I have been hoping for a way to gain more experience in my field.  The communication field has been a difficult one lately. There are jobs, but many of them either pay too little, are part-time, or are freelance. And a girl needs health insurance. I’ve been able to interview for several full-time communication jobs, however it has never worked out and I have bills to pay. Hence why I have found myself in my current situation.

In conclusion ( that’s right bringing it back to elementary school), I’ve learned that life is going to constantly knock you down. You will never follow the path you had plan to and you will never be fully prepared for what life throws your way. However, if you keep moving forward, keep working hard, and keep a positive attitude you will eventually stumble upon something beautifully made for you.

P.S. go follow Lisa Bien on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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