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Fall is a time when the trees let go of all that no longer serves them in order to remain strong through future challenges. This is something we as humans can often struggle with. We tend to fear change and hold onto the past, even if it is harming us and preventing us from making the most of our future.

We must learn to let go. Let go of things that harm our growth, even if it pains us to do so. For example, staying in toxic relationships whether it is romantic, family, or just a friend will only hurt you in the long run. It is not our responsibility to change others. We can only change ourselves and do what is best for us as individuals.

A person will only change if they want to. There has to be an inner motivation for the change which drives them to truly commit to self-reflection and adjusting their thoughts and actions. This is not something an outside force has control over. But unfortunately, humans seem to be obsessed with trying to fix the behaviors and lives of others rather than simply doing what is best for themselves.

I suffer from this as well. I love my friends and family. I find myself often trying to tell my friends what to do with their lives based on what I feel is best for them. However, what is best for me, may not be best for their lives. I have been trying to focus on my own growth more and less on judging the actions of others. It is important to share advice with friends and to guide each other through struggles, but we need to have understanding if our friends choose to not follow our advice. Everyone has their own journey and their own mindset. It is important to not compare one person’s journey to another. We all will learn life’s lessons in our own time.

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