Explaining Anxiety

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Many people in my life truly do not understand what I mean when I say I have anxiety. It is not something easily explain. It is experience differently by every individual. And every individual can experience anxiety in many different ways. However, I thought I would try to explain my experience with anxiety in writing for those who are curious:

Anxiety is when everything is okay.

Logically there are no major problems.

It would seem everything is calm.

However, your mind is telling your body you need to run for your life.

Your brain is analyzing every movement in the room, every variation in the sounds around you, every second of time that passes.

Your heart rate continually increasing.

Your breath shallow and quick.

Your body filled with adrenaline, ready to flee at any moment.

And although you keep telling yourself that everything is okay.

You keep trying to calm your body.

Nothing works. Nothing helps.

From the outside you look normal.

But on the inside you’re falling apart.

And eventually your mind wins.

You begin to cry.

You begin to scream.

You begin to shake.

A panic attack takes place.

Anxiety is when logic has no control. Your body falls victim to the chemical imbalance in your brain. Constantly.

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