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I am writing this post a little late because my life has been a bit busy. Christmas was good, but different. However, shortly after Christmas several of my friends and I ventured to Italy to begin the new year with discovery and adventure.

Italy is gorgeous and filled with art and culture. It was an amazing trip and I am very grateful I was able to to experience it. Celebrating the new year in a different country showed me that no matter where you live, we all hope for the same basic thing: positive change. Whether it is a better job, loosing weight, or simply being happier. We all strive for a new beginning better than the previous year’s struggles.

Before this trip, I was feeling somewhat depressed and in a slump. I was struggling to find a new full time job before my unemployment ran out. I was also feeling very insecure about my body and was constantly feeling fat and uncomfortable in my own skin. However, throughout this trip and many chats with friends, I have started to gain a new appreciation for my curves and thick thighs. I am becoming happier with myself. I was able to secure a full time job shortly before our trip began, which was a true stress relief. It allowed me to fully enjoy my journey into the Italian ruins and magnificent sculptures. I am very please everything worked out with perfect timing. I don’t believe the trip would have been as great if I had that worry in the back of my head.

Despite starting the year on the right foot, January is still a very hard month for me. January 21st is the day my dad died. A moment I will truly never forget and will be imprinted into my mind forever. It was traumatic and heart breaking. It truly changed the entire dynamic of my family and my life. It also taught me to always appreciate the small moments and to pay attention to the small details. You can often easily miss when someone truly needs help.

My dad taught me to live a very full life, to be loyal and hard working, and how to take care of a family. He taught me how to manage my money and my happiness. I never thought at the age of 23, I wouldn’t have a dad anymore. I still need him so very much, but luckily he made me a strong enough person to learn how to be okay without his guidance.

January will forever be a difficult month for me, but thankfully I am slowly learning to love myself more and more each day. I am learning that despite my insecurities, I am an amazing, smart and beautiful person. I am moving forward in the new year with a new job and a better love for myself and my life. I am looking forward to all the adventures this year brings and the lessons I will learn along the way. I hope to continuing growing as a person and continue building my life. I am proud of who I am and I am happy with the life I live.

During our trip to Italy, my friends and I never stopped exploring. We walked an average of 8 miles a day through the streets of Rome, Florence, and Tivoli. We played games into the early hours of the mornings while drinking wine, eating cheese, and having deep tear-jerking conversations. I met some amazing new people and renewed my love for travel. I was in awe of the incredible architecture and beautiful art work. It was incredible to see structures so old still standing with impeccable strength. We ate pasta, pizza, gelato and so much more. The food and wine were a true highlight of the trip. It was fun to see the street artist in Rome had the same spirit as those lining the streets of Times Square. I am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to travel to such a beautiful land.

Here are some photos from Italy:

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