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I started this blog because I found writing therapeutic. It was an easy way to showcase my skills and experience to possible employers. I am aware everything we put on the internet stays there forever and becomes part of our permanent record. I am aware everyone and anyone can see anything we post. However, the thought of it being used against me by an employer or anyone else has never been a real concern to me. I don’t post anything I am not okay with sharing or anything that may be deemed overly inappropriate. It honestly never crossed my mind until an employer recently admitted to reading my blog and discussing my personal journey with other employees. It ended up not being a major issue, but it did make me second guess sharing my journey so openly on the internet. It made me feel a bit insecure.

After some deep thoughts and reflections, I decided to continue sharing my struggles. This blog is as much a way for me to express my emotions and relieve stress, as it is a support for anyone who may be struggling and needs to know they are not alone. I am not ashamed of anything I have been through. It is simply my life. And I am not ashamed of having an anxiety disorder. I have a chemical imbalance in my brain. I take medications everyday. I am not the only one. Let’s end the stigma of mental illness and start a conversation about compassion. All humans struggle with mental health from time to time. Some humans have true chemical imbalances or mental disorders which make their struggles more intense and harder to deal with. However, none of us are perfect and none of us are immune from a tragic life event which may cause mental and emotional instability.

In addition to my medications, I have started exercising more regularly to help refocus my energy on something positive. But the thing that often helps the most when dealing with a mental illness is simply to talk about it. Honestly and openly; speak your truth. It can be a major stress reliever and an easy way to discover you are far from alone in this struggle. And don’t be afraid to ask for help when you truly need it.

Until recently, I was dealing with my anxiety without daily medications, but my anxiety attacks were getting more frequent and my anxiety was becoming more intense on a daily basis. To most people on the outside looking in, I seemed fine. I was going about my normal life as I always had, but on the inside I was falling apart. It was making me a very unhappy person. I knew something needed to change. I went to the doctor and simply told him my symptoms. He put me on medications he thought would work best and said to give it a few weeks and see if things improves. My mental state has improves drastically. I feel much better and have fewer anxious feelings. I have more control over my thoughts and emotions which is a huge relief. But I know many people struggle with admitting they need help. Society makes us believe we are weak if we aren’t able to simply handle everything life throws at us on our own. And this is simply not true, I find some of the strongest people I know are those who know when to ask for assistance. I plan to continue writing blog posts and continue being honest about my journey through this crazy world. Please join the conversation with me and help end the stigma on mental illnesses. And feel free to contact me or comment your own journey and thoughts. 🙂 Life is always better when humans can support each other.

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