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It’s 3 a.m.

Here I am. AWAKE

They say this is the time for creative minds to flourish. It is quiet. Peaceful. The world is still and yet, filled with life. It truly is a curious time. A time for ideas and busy minds to overwhelm the tired body.

Oh, how I wish I were asleep. But here I am. AWAKE.

Lost in a never ending cycle of sleeplessness and creativity.  The desire for sleep is so strong, but my mind’s will to remain active is stronger. Therefore, here I am. AWAKE.

I must be at work in a few hours. Excepted to be bright-eyed and eager to take on the day, but I will be tired. I will be a walking zombie with only the accomplishments of my early morning thoughts to show for why I have no desire to conquer daylight. Here I am. AWAKE.

If only there were a manual off switch on my brain. A way to signal to my thoughts it is time to turn off. No need to wake my body prematurely. There are plenty hours of daylight for my creativity to flourish, but my mind won’t listen. Here I am. AWAKE.

As 4 a.m. approaches I will struggle to force myself back into a deep sleep to perhaps recover much needed energy, but the sleep will be shallow. I will be abruptly awoken by an obnoxious alarm far too quickly. I will force myself out of bed. I will survive the day, but most likely not conquer it with strength. Here I am. AWAKE.

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