Trust Yourself. Take the Risk.

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No risk, no reward is a saying that is commonly used when talking about business. However, I find it to be true in all aspects of life. At times, we hold ourselves back from opportunity simply because of fear or nerves. But how will you ever know your full potential or strength unless you push yourself out of your comfort zone. There’s no way to know what you may miss out on if you never take a risk.

Now, we are talking about calculated risks here not necessarily acting recklessly. Not wanting to jump off a bridge because you may die is understandable, but not wanting to apply to a job or ask someone out simply due to fear of rejection is crazy. When the worse thing that can happen due to taking a risk is that you get a “no,” who cares?! Being rejected isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes what we want isn’t really what we need or what is best for us, and that rejection can be a gift wrapped in heartache. Sure, no one likes being reject; you will never get anywhere in life if you’re not willing to try. Stop holding yourself back due to a silly little fear. Our fears are only as big as we allow them to be.

Chase after your dreams and never stop looking for the next opportunity to grow and learn. We should never stop learning. Stay curious and continue to explore the world around you. Apply for your dream job even if you don’t meet all the qualifications because you never know what may happen. You might get a no, but you could also get a yes! But if you never apply, you never even give yourself the chance to fail. Failing is beautiful and can teach us so much about ourselves and what we need to do work on in order to one day succeed. Allow yourself the opportunity.

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