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Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas. Hurricane Irma is currently raging down on Puerto Rico and Caribbean islands. Recently, two more hurricanes, Jose and Katia, join the Atlantic Ocean excitement.

It is always interesting to take a step back and see how the world works.  The media was just focused on hate riots over statues. And now thousands of people are fighting for their lives and rushing to safety. Politics are still very present, however, few are able to focus on our President’s 2a.m. tweets while they are waiting to hear if their loved ones have survived a natural disaster.

Maybe Mother Nature is trying to bring us back together? We may never know. But strangers are helping strangers. Those who have lost everything themselves are reaching out their hands and pulling up others out of the storm. It is beautiful when human show compassion and selflessness.  If only this trend could be constant and not isolated to extreme circumstances.

USA Today has a photo slideshow honoring the heroes of Hurricane Harvey. Please take a look an embrace the true strength of the human character. We can show amazing strength and compassion. Please choose love, choose respect, choose to learn from others rather than fear them. We shouldn’t need a natural disaster to remind us to love each other.

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