For My Daddy

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Because it still hurts every second of every day, I thought I would compile some of what I’ve written for you thus far. I don’t doubt I will continue to write about you for years to come. Rest Peacefully ❤ You’ll never be forgotten.


Poems and Thoughts:


Your blood pulsing. 

Strong and full of life. 

Your heart beating. 

Courageous and ready to fight. 

Your body trying to warn us. 

An angel was about to take flight. 

Your strength remaining, not wanting to let go.  

Struggling to remain within the life you’ve always known. 

As your soul was released. 

Seen by everyone who cares. 

Your intelligence 

Your kindness. 

Your strength. 

Your resilience. 

Your logic.   

Your creativity 

Your thrill-seeking passion for adventure 

Your compassion towards all

Your love 

It will all live on in all the heart beats of your loved ones. 



You were my best friend and my greatest mentor
You were my problem solver and fixer of all things.
You were my guardian and my tour guide.
You were my strength during my weakest times.
You truly were my everything.


You’ve raised me to be a strong, educated, determined, hard working, compassionate, resilient, and sarcastic person. You taught me how to properly do laundry and how to load the dishwasher in an organized manner so every dish gets clean. You taught me to never half ass vacuuming and to check the mail box everyday. You showed me how to fix a flat tire (even if I don’t think I’m strong enough to do it), how to reset the change oil light, and how to check my oil and wiper fluid. You showed me how to use turbo tax, so don’t worry I’ll help Alison Bohrer, Ben Bohrer, and Jill Bohrer. You raised Isaac Bohrer to be capable of climbing the highest mountains, Ben to be strong enough to overcome any challenge, and Alison to be kind enough to care for anyone in need of help. You’ve created a loving, smart, strong, and innovative family. Your legacy will live on within each of your children


You’re the best daddy and the best dog dad in the entire universe. You taught me to be kind to all living creatures. Once you commit to taking care of an animal, it’s yours for life and no living creature should be treated with disrespect. You told me to always wear a helmet because life is rough, but you have to keep going until you keel over. You showed me that doing what you love is better than doing what you hate just for a paycheck. You lived a full life filled with love, laughter, and dirt bikes. You were always there for your children no matter how far you had to travel or how tired you were. You came to visit me after my surgery every night just to fall asleep while watching tv. I only wish I had the opportunity to do the same for you. You will live on forever in our hearts. I’ll think of you every time my heart ticks


The Obituary:

David Bohrer was born on June 9, 1958 to Ella and George Bohrer. He grew up along side his four siblings, Michael, Sharon, Sue, and Mark. Full of life and a love for adventure it wasn’t long before Ella bought him his first motorcycle and inspired a life-long love for the sport of dirt bike racing. He married his wife, Jill Bohrer, in Ellsworth, Maine on September 9, 1980 and soon after welcomed their first child, Joshua Roy Bohrer, on April 24, 1981. Unfortunately, Joshua passed away but David loved him and all his children to follow dearly. Jill and David welcomed four more children in the years to follow, Isaac, Alison, Benjamin, and Olivia. He was extremely hard working, spending more than 30 years of his career at Fred Beans Chevrolet. However, somewhere in between work and being an amazing father, he found time to enjoy his love of dirt bikes with Valley Forge Trail Riders. He loved being a member of the club and beamed with happiness after doing well in an eduro. David was quiet person, until the subject of dirt bikes was brought up. He was always happy to share his stories and knowledge of racing. He loved animals, even if he didn’t always want to admit it. He greatly enjoyed his time playing with his many dogs and cats. He was a very kind, compassionate, intelligent, and strong man. He will be missed greatly by his many friends and family.


My Best Friend:



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