Natural Storm of Perspective

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A crack of thunder opened the skies and rain poured down. The wind began to race between the tree tops dropping leaves and branches in its path. Umbrellas offered no shelter from Mother Nature’s destruction as people rushed indoors.

Although this display of nature seemed violent, I found peace. I sat in my car and enjoyed the sounds of the rain banging onto the hard earth. The water rushing over the world to provide life to those dying of thirst.  I closed my eyes. Listened. Listened to nature answering the cries of those in need salvation and rebirth. The plants and animals rejoicing as their needs are met by such an incredible force. And after some time the rain slowed. The clouds moved onto to their next location. The sun returned. It was quiet. Peaceful.  Slowly the silence became congested with noise as people began to emerge from their shelters. Voices. The laughter of children. The sounds of cars and bicycles intertwined with the noise of birds chirping and dogs barking. I opened my eyes and continued with my day. The moment of peace had passed.

There are multiple perspectives to each situation. Learning to look at things from the views of others is incredibly important. A harsh rain storm may have ruined your picnic plans, but it is also providing life to all living on earth. The rain may cause mud to run down hills and trees to lose branches, but without it there would be no trees at all. The rain can make you appreciate the sunshine and the sunshine should allow you to appreciate the rain. Life is about balance. Finding balance is often easier said than done in this chaotic monetary society, but it is necessary in order to avoid insanity. Appreciate nature. Appreciate your loved ones. And most importantly appreciate yourself. Remember to try to find the positive perspectives within dark situations and find understanding in the perspectives of others. We all have our own world views formed by our experiences. Different is not wrong. It is simply different.

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