Hateful Protests 

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Lately, the news has been filled with violent riots and angry crowds. The Ku Klux Klan is more visible than ever and white supremacy can be seen at every corner. Equality is being seen as oppression to many Americans who seem to be stuck in a past filled with segregation and racism.

Violent Clashes Erupt at "Unite The Right" Rally In Charlottesville

I am not sure when the peaceful protests turned into angry crowds carrying torches and yelling racial slurs. I understand if you do not agree with the government’s actions at times or even the actions of your fellow citizens. However, spreading hate and anger is not the way to properly solve problems. This country is meant to be a place for all people to come and feel accepted. For all to celebrate whatever lifestyle they choose to live.  But is seems our history and our present is filled with people using violence to force those who do not agree with their own ideas and traditions out of their territory.  Thats’s right, I used the word territory because this type of behavior reminds me of so many events I’ve read about in history books.  It reminds me of when Native Americans were forced from the land they had lived on for many years. Or when the Jews were forced out of Germany. I could go on about how history repeats itself or we could start a conversation about ending this pattern. Ending the hate and letting go of our anger.


Regardless of your thoughts or beliefs, we need to remember that we are all humans. We are all living beings who deserve to be treated with respect.  You do not and will not agree with every choice your fellow humans make, however, you need to respect them. You must find a way to  live peacefully and not cause harm to each other. There is no need to be a terrorist in your own community.  And yes, I refer to these people as terrorists, whether you agree with that or not is your choice. But they are causing terror within their own communities and justifying their actions with their personal beliefs. We do not need to all live the same way or believe the same things. Diversity is beautiful and it allows us to learn from others and embrace new ideas.

Click here to read a CNN article and see the Charlottesville, VA events. Caution: this article includes a video of the car crash which resulted in many injuries and a death.  This anger, destruction and violence needs to end. I am begging everyone to take a moment to look in the mirror and reflect on the person you want to be. Who do you want your grandchildren looking up to? Should they idealize someone who is accepting, peaceful, and rational? Or do you truly wish for them to continue this violence and destroy their own communities? When you get anger about anything, breathe. Calm down and question if possibly causing harm to others is worth “getting your point heard.” Violence is never going to solve our problems. Violence only creates more problems. Please, spread peace, hope, joy and love. Work toward living harmoniously with all.

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