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Creating a better community can be as simple as smiling to a person who seems to be having a bad day. It does not need to be donating millions of dollars or spending hours running 5K races. Giving back is simple. All you need to do if find the things you care about most in your community. It could be outdoor spaces, museums, public schools or a specific charity.

I am passionate about helping animals. I have been volunteering as Last Chance Ranch animal shelter in Quakertown, PA for over two years.  While volunteering there I seen many  deserving animals find great homes, but I have also met amazing people and gained great friends. It is a place I can go when I am feeling sad and I will immediately be uplifted. It has become another home for me. No one judges you for having full conversations with dogs or sitting on a dirty floor and acting as a playground for kittens. We are all there for the same goal: give the animals a better life and have fun doing it.

In addition to working with Last Chance Ranch, I also attend events for the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). Every October PAWS hosts their Mutt Strut at the Philadelphia Navy Yard and every October I try to attend with my dog! PAWS is a non-profit working to save the lives of Philadelphia’s homeless, abandoned, and abused animals. Their goals is to make Philly a no-kill city! Fundraising has already started for this year’s event, please feel free to donate to my page. And don’t forget to find your own way to better your community and give back.

Giving back doesn’t require an abundance of time or money, it simply means you make an effort to do what you can to brighten someone else’s day or to support positive movements within your community.


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