The Job Hunt Blues

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Does job hunting ever make you feel down in the dumps? With every resume you send out and cover letter you craft, does it feel as though you are losing hope of ever finding the perfect employment match? Or is it just me?

I know the process is a necessary evil if I ever want to leave my dead end job and begin a career where I could possibly use the degree I paid so generously for. BUT . . .

Why does the hiring process have to take so long? I wait several weeks just to get to the first interview and then I wait another two weeks just to hear, ” good try, but we chose someone else” or “Best of luck in your search, but you’re just not the right fit” or the classic, “It’s not you, you are great! We just decided to go in another direction with our search.” UGH!!! It’s so frustrating.

Recently, I had an interview after which I was told I would be sent to the next round of interviews. After waiting a week and reaching out to the HR department about when they would be contacting me to schedule the interview, I received an email explaining that they had changed their minds and decided to hire from within the company.

The constant rejection and even worse the constant no replies at all get really tiring after months of job hunting.  I’ve had several people look over my resumes and cover letters. I know I can write properly and sell myself in interviews. I took classes for this stuff in college. And yet I am left with a degrees, tons of debt, and no career.  I am sure there are others out there who can relate to this frustrating ordeal. And I am very open to tips. Please send any opportunities you can think of my way. Or if you’d just let to rant along with me, please feel free to do that as well.

I’m feeling desperate to be hired in my field of choice : communications / PR.

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