Costa Rica

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This post is long overdue. I apologize, but life happens.

ANYWAY . . . Back in May I took a trip with a family friend to Costa Rica. It was my second time visiting this lovely country. This trip was much needed.  In January, my dad passed away unexpectedly.  He had been sick for a few months, but we kept being told he would get better. It seemed everything that could possibly go wrong throughout his fight against infection did. And I lost my best friend.  This trip allowed me to get away and have fun. It reminded me of my love for traveling and experiencing new cultures. It was great change of routine.

Here are some photos:

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. . . and those are just a few of my favorites. Costa Rica was definitely an amazing place to experience and I plan on going back as soon as possible. The people are wonderful and the wild life is alway entertaining. It is a place that will reconnect you with nature. Now it is time to save my pennies for my next adventure!

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