The Oscars 

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The Oscars were very powerful this year. The main issues address were racism and sexual assault/rape. Yes, Leo finally got his Oscar and he also asked for the world to focus on protecting our planet. 

Chris Rock hosted and he brought up racism through comedy. It was a light-hearted way to not only move the film industry toward becoming more diverse, but also bring awareness of how real racism still is within the U.S.  

Mad Max won six (six right? Because I lost count) Oscars and five of those awards were given to women. This means Hollywood is putting women in prominent roles and they are creating some badass films. This is a huge step for women towards equality within the film industry. 

Lady Gaga made the most chilling, tear jerking, and important performance of the night. It was absolutely beautiful. I cried throughout the entire thing. She was introduced by Vice President Biden, who explained how we need to change our culture when it comes to rape and sexual assault. He prompted viewers to go to to learn more and take a pledge to change our culture to be more respectful of others and to speak up against sexual assault. We need to stop slut shaming and blaming the victims. We need to start believing people when they make claims of sexual assault and stop creating a culture in which people don’t feel safe to report the crime. 

After watching the Oscars and seeing all the response through social media, I was inspired. I tend to write poetry when I am feeling emotional or deeply connected to an issue. I truly want to see our culture change for the better.  I created the following poem to remind people to change their views and not judge what they haven’t experienced. It’s also important to realize everyone experiences traumatic events differently and copes differently. Here is my poem:
Until your heart has been broken and you’re not able to find the pieces. Until you feel alone because no one cares to listen. Until emptiness is the only emotion you have left. Until the person you thought you were is left in your past. Until you wake up one day and the entire world has changed. Until everyone thinks you’re going insane. Until you’re screaming inside, but your voice makes no sound. Until you want to tell the world, but get lost within the crowd. Until it happens to you. You don’t know how it feels. 

 Stop judging others. Stop ignoring the problem. The victims are not liars. They are not weak. They are not broken human beings.

They are powerful. They are strong. And they just want to be believed. 
#BeTheChange #Oscars #LadyGaga #inspired #ItsOnUs 

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