Blizzard Jonas 2016

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We survived the first (and hopefully only) blizzard of 2016. Philadelphia received over 20 inches of snow. The Jersey Shore had major flooding, but overall the northeast regions dealt with the storm fairly well.

It was a losing battle to shovel the snow during the storm. It continued to fall until the early hours of Sunday morning. However, if you didn’t begin shoveling early, it made the job much more difficult once the storm ended.


This is my car covered in snow and our snowed in front yard on the morning of Saturday January 23, 2016.



My father and I struggled to shovel away the snow on Saturday night while it continued to storm. My father estimates it snowed about four inches from the time he began shoveling to when we decided to call it quits.


This was Gomez’s first experience with so much snow. He did not enjoy it. He was afraid to go outside by himself and would just sit near the door observing this weird weather.


Koda enjoying his shoveled patio. He hates the cold and would only go out for short periods of time.


The dog’s shoveled path into the backyard. This photo was taken on Sunday morning. The snow had filled in a bit overnight.


Luckily, my family and I were able to enjoy a night warm fire on Saturday night in order to ride out the storm. I would say we needed to thaw out from shoveling, but I was sweating after all my hard work battling the storm.

I hope everyone who experience the blizzard is safe and warm. I know some are still without power and there is much more clean up to do, but I feel the northeast handled this storm very well. The Monday morning commute may be more difficult, but things will slowly return to normal.


Cleaning the cars off and eventually trying to venture out into the world. 

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