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Recently, I have come to the realization that I haven’t had time for many of my hobbies and interests. I used to sing and write so much more than I do now. It sadden me to see that I had let go of some of my passions due to the craziness of the world. It can be very hard to keep up with the day to day task especially when I am working two jobs, in school full time, and trying to take care of myself and my pets. It can be draining and I am sure many other people in the world, especially parents, feel a similar overwhelming feeling.

Well, I have chosen to start writing again. Just short simple poems, just things meant for me. But it feels so good to not be writing for an assignment. It brings be joy and relation to write simply because I love writing and expressing myself through words. So, I’d like to share the first poem I have written in a very long time and plan to share more in the future. I also hope this post inspires others to take a step back and make time to do the things they love.

Take a knife to my heart as I swallow my pride

I’ll stay here alone until the night that I die.

The stars and the moon aren’t enough to keep me alive.

I think it’s time to let go of what was once mine.

The knife cuts into my soul and no one hears my cry.

The demons grow old as time passes by.

The knife cuts deeper and deeper as it injects more hate.

The infection takes over and seals my fate.

Nothing left to do but close my eyes, hope for the best, and prepare to say goodbye.


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