Jimmy Fallon Takes Over

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The Tonight Show’s ratings have peaked since Jimmy Fallon took over as host. He seems to be captivating a younger crowd than past hosts with his instantly popular skits.

One of my favorite skits features Justin Timberlake and reviews the evolution of end zone dancing:

Jimmy Fallon’s use of social media may be one reason younger audiences have been more compelled to watch the show. He lets his fans know what is happening on the shows and makes the content very accessible to them.

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 11.23.07 PM

Fallon’s Twitter page is constantly promoting the best moments from the show while still giving a glimpse into who he is as a person. This is the reason I began watching, I saw a funny tweet and thought I’d give the show a try. I do not regret the decision. Fallon proves that social media is an important tool for any brand and when used correctly can be very beneficial.

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