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When I first heard this story I was in shock. Not in shock because the crime was committed, but in shock because no one was doing anything. I saw this story all over the Internet, before any major news station showed the story on TV. I heard about this story on Facebook, and it once again shows the power of social media. On April 15, 2014 over 200 young girls were taken from their school in Nigeria. They were taken by the terrorist group, Boko Haram. This terrorist group has been proving to be stronger than the Nigerian government. It is frightening how much power one small group of people can have. It is saddening that no one seems to be taking any action to get the girls back home in the arms of their parents. The Nigerian government hasn’t taken any action, nor have they asked for help. The terrorist have so much power because the power is being handed to them. This story is only getting recognition because of the reach of social media. I wonder if anyone would have heard about this awful incident without the widespread reach of the Internet.

Michelle Obama shares her thoughts:

CNN covers story:

Nigerian movie star Stella Damasus:

It seems that the Nigerian government needs help, so why do they not ask? Why has there been no actions to bring these young girls home? The Nigerian people want their children back, and they are asking the world to help make that happen. It is very upsetting that their own government does not seem to want the same things. The terrorist are only going to gain more power if no one stand up and takes that power back. 606x340_266550

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