Dear Mom

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Mother’s Day is a day of appreciation. No matter how many fights, how much attitude, or how many tears the love between a mother and child is very unique, indescribable, and unbreakable. No matter the mistakes a child makes, the mother will always love them, even if she doesn’t always know how to show it. And no matter how rebellious the child becomes,  he or she will always remember where they came from.

Today, it is important to put aside your selfish emotions and take a moment to thank your mom for the sacrifices she has made in order to give you the life you live today.


Dear Mom,

Thank you for never giving up

Through all the late nights without sleep

All the temper tantrums and the whiny cries

Through all the dirty diapers and all the messy rooms

All the teenage attitude

Thank you for putting up with all my bullshit

All the restless worry-filled nights

All the times I swore I hated you

And all the times shopping turned into a fight

You stayed strong and remained firmed

You never lost faith that I would turn out alright

Well, Mom you were always right

Here I am almost done college

Almost done . . . 

Too bad your job will never be done.

But now you only need to be on-call instead of clocked in full-time.


Your Daughter. 

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